Recruiter Solutions International

Our successful approach to all of our industry specialists allows them to provide search services in just about every industry. A history of successful permanent placement in the a wide array of industries has allowed us to customize searches for whatever need your organization may have.

Clients range from very large national and international firms to small, privately held companies. Supported by the uniquely effective and efficient RSI team approach to search and recruiting functions.

Core Business Emphasis:

Our focus on recruitment has afforded us extensive experience working in both domestic and international arenas. With a strong knowledge of a wide-variety of industry segments, years of demonstrated successful performance on behalf of our client companies, and the unimpeachable ethics and confidentiality which we extend to both our client companies and candidates, we have achieved and maintained an excellent reputation. We are proud to say that Recruiter Solutions International is well respected and called upon for many needs.

Our customized searches can be tailored to whatever employment, recruiting, and hiring need you may have. Our ability to identify the hard-to-find candidates is what sets us apart from the rest. Whether you are looking for one critical position or looking to locate and hire a whole staff, Recruiter Solutions International is positioned to attract qualified candidates for your opportunity efficiently and effectively.

Recruiting/Staffing Emphasis:

Senior-level Executives (President, Vice President, CEO, COO, CFO, CIO), Sales/Sales Management, Marketing, Lab/Lab Management, Distribution, Production, Manufacturing, Financial, Accounting, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Engineering, Technical, Design, Marketing, Process Improvement, Quality/Six Sigma, Manufacturing Management, Engineering, Technical, Design, Human Resources, Quality, Maintenance, and others.

Contact Information:

phone: 1-800-992-3875 x 314

Please contact one of our recruitment specialists to start finding the right people right away.